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Journey of Study and Research

MAURIZIO TRENTIN , was born in Genova December 29, 1956. In 1976 he graduated at the State Institute of Art in Venice, specializing in PAINTING and MOSAIC .

In 1977 the French sculptor MISKA call him to perform a mosaic work in Paris. So, he knows the mosaic master to perform work in mosaic in Paris. He knows well the mosaic master LINO MELANO (1924 - 1979 ) with whom he performs a mosaic of 100 square meters. Inside the University of Medicine “BICHAT” .

Still in Paris, in 1977-1978, he collaborated many times with MARC CHAGALL friend of LINO MELANO’s. They prepare together the modernization in painting and mosaic cartoons, located in the, MUSEE NATIONAL MESSAGE BIBLIQUE MARC CHAGALL.

In 1978, always with LINO MELANO on the draws of FERNAND LEGER, he take part in the modernization of the ceramic mosaic outside of the MUSEE FERNAND LEGER of 250 square meters. Located in Biot (Antibes - France).

In 1978 he designs with LINO MELANO, the mosaic floor for the private pool of english musician BILL WYMAN, bass player of the band Rolling Stones, in Antibes.

In 1979, back in Italy, he works at the restoration of the floor of Ca’ d’Oro in Venice of 150 sq.m. with the mosaic artist D. MALVESTIO.

In 1980, archaeological excavations and restoration of decorative floors of Roman mosaics in Quarto d’Altino (VE) These works are currently exposed at the Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Quarto d’Altino.

In 1982, restoration of columns, marble and sculptures of the XVI century Palazzo Vendramin (Ve) for the firm CROVATO. Decorative tiled mosaic floor and terracotta for private house in San Donà (Ve).

In 1983, restoration of mosaic floors and Venetian terracotta located in the Ducal Palace in Venice (always for the firm CROVATO).

In 1983, he begins new experiences as part of the scenery. In particular, he is specializing in the concert industry. He learns the secrets of stage design in the laboratory run by ENRICO MARIA PAPES (one of the members of the italian band "I Giganti"). Begins a long period of hard work with various Italian and local bands. It draws a lot of experience and above all a new discovery in the technology of light direction. This will be used in the future as a source of artistic and creative. Important in this time is the scenic collaboration for the Italian tour of the following artists:


GAGAKU Performance performed by TOKYO IMPERIAL ORCHESTRA and the Imperial Japanese theater company. This event took place in The Ducal Palace in Venice San Marco; important was the collaboration with the theater company since the scene faithfully reflected the historical tradition of the Japanese world. The lights and the scenic direction have played an important role in the success of the show.

POPULAR CIRCUS OF REPUBLIC OF CHINA BEIJING. Even this show reproducing the ancient Chinese circus tradition. The dramatic role is very important and well-kept. Crucial is the lighting technology implementation. The event is unique in that artists perform according to the teaching of the new Chinese school heavily influenced by social and political changes.


JOHN CAGE Concert for solo piano and ambient. Concert for solo piano and ambient. Musical theories of this artist had to be expressed in the scenic and lighting level. The concert lasted about 6 hours. CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - STEVE REICH - TERRY RILEY - LUIGI NONO.


COLLABORATION WITH THE FOLLOWING STAGE BAND: JACK DE JONETTE - ELVIN JONES - SUN RA - DON CHERRY - DOLLAR BRAND - ARCHIE SHEEP - GARY BURTON - WEATHER REPORT - HAWKWIND. In this period, he enhances the experience but want to learn new things and therefore is able to enter into an agency of English scene. It deepens the study with new scenic technologies, as the English ones along with the American ones are considered the best scenic schools for concerts. Very important was the collaboration with the following British bands: THE STRANGLERS - P.I.L. (band former Sex Pistols singer John Lydon).

After this period back to Italy and cooperates with the show agency MUSIC MAKERS. Here, he created his own studio for theater sets and Art, CREATIVE IMAGES. Then follow many activities with various bands: THE CULT - LORD OF NEW CHURCH - MARILLON - TALK TALK -AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - CHINA CRISIS - LLOYD COLE AND THE COMMOTIONS - SILENT RUNNING - ALAN VEGA - X - THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS - ROMEO VOID - PROPAGANDA - VIRGIN PRUNES - DANCE SOCIETY - SEX GANG CHILDREN - KILLING JOKE - THE CALL -10000 MANIACS - etc..


In the field of classical music, he takes part in the Italian exhibition of the great Russian dancer RUDOLF NUREYEV with the BOSTON BALLET - U.S.A. The opera performance is the "SWAN LAKE". For this show, RUDOLF NUYEREV wanted to perform in non-traditional venues as the theaters, but in most popular structures such as Sports hall. In fact, the difficulty has been to place in these structures the sets suitable work and also adapt and transform the locker rooms, normally used for sports, in elegant eighteenth-century style dressing rooms. Equally difficult was able to manage the dance troupe made up of about 160 people. All the spaces have been mutated setting them up in order to have all the necessary comforts that a very large company requires. In addition, for to the sets was used an old and hand painted French backdrop from seventeenth century. The result was a deserved success both public both by the great dancer and his company. This show was the only experiment in Italy and in Venice - Mestre which brought classical ballet in sports facilities.

With the CREATIVE IMAGES he develops a very creative period. In fact, the group grows and the laboratory becomes a crucial point for the built of a new much wider artistic source, inserting it in areas that normally are not used for Art. For example, the laboratory is to be inserted in a social context as Venezia - Marghera - Mestre - (which is basically industrial). Many are the requests and important were the following performances:

Exhibition and Ambient Change of Art at the Mestre - Venezia Gallery for the live exhibition of the known international cartoonists such as: MOEBIUS - SERRE - OLIVIA TELECLAVEL - CAVAZZANO - FLOU - CARNEVALE, etc. with the organization of TeleVenezia and the City of Venice.

Ambient Art at the Venice Ghetto in Canareggio.

Review of alternative groups at the Auditorium. di Bissuola Mestre

Exhibition of scenic Art in Piazza dei Signori in Padova with the collaboration of the band DARK LORD.

Ambient of scenic Art for the spectacular fashion show for C.P. Company at the disco The Muretto - Jesolo.

Parallel to these performances, very important was the experience that the Creative Images took part in the graphic textile art. In fact, since the lab was in close collaboration with various musical groups, for scenography and for other things, there was the need to enrich the artistic baggage proposing the design of new fabrics for costumes appropriately designed for this purpose . This experience has allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional art, by inserting in the costume the study of graphics and decoration. Some examples have been brought to fruition in the video of the band Ruins (Fire), on the cover of the vinyl Simon Bennett, in the study od advertising photos for Marco Verdica and in his concerts, for Ruins (in concert) and for the metal band Dark Lord.

The Creative Images enters the production of music videos of art in the period in which collaborates with the label BLACK SQUARE REKORDS and the production studio AUDIO & VIDEO. This experience is the result of the originality of the group. It ’been for the laboratory, the most creative and innovative period in every sense. The videos proposed were created and invented directly from Creative Images as history, the graphic design and the scenic construction. The close collaboration with these two companies, the Black Square Records ed Audio & Video allowed to realize the following videos: Band RUINS, whose product was named best music video of the year and is still on display at the Museum of Modern Art Sydney (Australia). Video initials of the program DJ TELEVISION (Cecchetto) executed by the Afro American singer TAFFY, transmitted over networks Fininvest. It remained for a long time at the top of the Italian charts. Video of DODI BATTAGLIA (Pooh)also transmitted by the national networks. Was directed by director PAUL ALLMAN(television presenter, with Rick & Clive for Videomusic). Collaboration in the video of the English band SIOUXIE & THE BANSHEES entirely shot in Venice and directed by TIM POPE. The video was broadcast all over the world. Music video of the band TALK TALK performed in Venice for the Festivalbar and DJ Television. For Videomusic, interview making of world premiere presentation of SUPERTRAMP record. Scenic collaboration for the video art of the English composer of ambient music, BRIAN ENO performed in the studios Audio & Video in Marghera.

After this very rich period, always in the need to accumulate new experiences, Maurizio Trentin dissolves the Creative Images and continue the project alone. He was immediately called by other companies and agencies in Italy. Important collaborations have been the sets of lights made with director CIONI (Giancattivi), at the Palazzo Reale in Monza. Significant was the commitment of the laser. Exploiting its light beam, it could deform the park of the Royal Palace in a surreal atmosphere. Once again with Cioni, he realizes the scenography of the important fashion meeting PITTI BIMBO in Florence. Still with Cioni, under the supervision of the director FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI, he realizes the ambient art lighting in Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

In the film industry, he is working the scenic realization of enlightenment for the film "Torrents of Spring" from Polish director JERZY SKOLIMOWSKI (with actress N. Kinsky). The scenes were filmed at the interior and exterior of the Ducal Palace in Venice.

Another important partnership that he has was with a German advertising studio with whom he made the sets of lights to a photo shoot of a famous model of MERCEDES - BENZ. The work was made entirely on the island of Giudecca in Venice.

Having acquired more experience in various fields, it is called by important Italian theatrical agencies. He worked for DELTAMUSIC - DAVID ZARD - FRANTOMMASI - GOOD MUSIC - AVANTGARDE as technical manager for the production of concerts. He moves to the realization throughout Italy of the following concerts: EURITMICS - PETER GABRIEL - ANDREAS WOLLENVIDER - ALARM - RAMONES - BOB DYLAN & TOM PETTY - MADONNA - PRINCE - ROLLING STONES - BLUES BROTHERS - SAXON - BB. KING - JOHN MAYALL - EUROPE - MOTLEY CRUE - GRACE JONES - videos and concert tours RICK WAKEMAN - HAWKWIND - GONG - KEVIN AYERS - THE GRANDMOTHERS - HERE & NOW - WIZARD OF TWIDDLY - POISONED ELECTRICK HEADS.

This rich theatrical experience will lay the foundations of the Contradictory Art . And in fact, in 1998 with the exhibition in the Town Hall of Asolo (TV) that is officially presented the project of CONTRADICTORY ART .

In 1999 he participates in the Festival of Contemporary Art in Montebelluna “ROTTEAMARE” at Villa Pisani di Biadene(TV).

In 2000 exhibition of the Contradictory Art at the Exhibition Hall of the Municipality of Marghera (Venezia).

In 2002 he was awarded the Artistic Director of the VI BIENNALE d’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA di Asolo (TV) at the FORNACE.

2012 Marghera - Venice - Video installation and sound design - Performance choir direction: ESPERIENZE SONORVETTORIALI - "SOGLIE" of writer ELISABETTA ROSADI.

2014 UTOPIAN REALIZATION- Installation and ambient intervention along the streets of the historical village in Spigno Monferrato (AL) ARTE NEL BORGO

2014 Video Installation within the UTOPIAN REALIZATION inserted in the context of the project ARTE NEL BORGO CONSIDERAZIONI VISIVE IN UN IMMAGINARIO UTOPICO.


The ongoing study on "Interiority and the Sensitive World" is currently the path that occupies my Paintin. The Vision of Invisibility leads constantly to ask new questions, opening new spaces that indicate the Knowledge as a possible and true path. In the monumental project "THE BESTIARY" materializes this wonderful SEARCH……

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